Housing Coop

Rendez-Vous Estates is a Senior Non-Profit Housing Co-operative that provides an affordable lifestyle for their members. New members buy a one time 100% fully refundable Membership Share to live in Rendez-Vous Estates. Members pay monthly fees, only enough to cover operational costs, repairs, and reserves; which is much more affordable than average private sector rental costs. Upon departure, a member receives their membership share back with no interest.

Rendez-Vous Estates was incorporated in March 2016 as Taché Seniors Non-Profit Housing Co-operative Inc. which offers safety and security. Members have a vote in decisions about their housing and there is no outside landlord.

If you live in a non-profit housing co-op you are:

  • A voting member who contributes to the governance of the co-op
  • Part of a community where neighbors look out for one another
  • Living in housing that can stay affordable because it’s run on a non-profit basis and is never resold


Co-op members have the right to:

  • Vote on the annual budget which sets the monthly housing charges and affects the quality of your housing – for example, how much the co-op will spend on property upkeep
  • Elect a board of directors made up of people who live in your co-op
  • Run for the board of directors
  • Receive audited financial statements that show how the co-op spent your money


Interested? Download the fund raising form.