Project Progress


Pre-Development is complete. We received final reports on Phase I & II Environmental Assessments, Geotechnical Investigation, Topographical Survey and Slope Stability. Verne Reimer Architecture, ReSolve Group and our Design Committee have taken the conceptual design of the building to the final phase, which is adding design detail to the suites, hiring engineering consultants, and positioning the building on the site plan. We are in discussion with the R.M. of Tache and have initiated the Variance and Re-Zoning applications.

Construction Phase

The project was tendered in early February for the purpose of hiring a general contractor and negotiating a firm construction quote. The received bids will be opened by Verne Reimer Architecture, ReSolve Group and our Design Committee on February 28, 2017. We anticipate awarding the contract in March. Our plan is to start construction in Spring 2020, with a projected 16 month construction period.

Selling membership shares & assigning suites
We recently received authorization from the Registrar under the Cooperatives Act of Manitoba to sell Membership Shares in our Coop – Rendez-Vous Estates. The subscription price is $110,000. The monthly housing charge for each unit is estimated at $1.35 per square foot. Suite selection is in progress and to date we are approaching 80% sold. A broader marketing campaign is in progress for South East Manitoba including Winnipeg.